Chakra Synergy Blends

About Essential Oil Synergy Blends:

Our Synergy Blends here at Spirit Earth Holistics are crafted using a specific blend of oils for specific issues.  The synergy between the essential oils make for a much more powerful experience then an individual oil.  

The Gem infusion takes approximately 6 weeks to cure.  A dynamic custom gem selection is chosen for each chakra synergy.  The gem stones are infused into the essential oil blends to cure for a 6 week time period.  Reiki healing is then applied before bottling.  

The chakras are seven centres of force that lie along the axis of the spine. They can be thought of as gateways of consciousness that allow for the reception of energies emanating from the cosmos and the soul and spirit of man. Rudolf Steiner called chakras the ‘sense organs of the soul’.