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Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. is owned, operated and founded by Dayna Elijah of the Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation. She has been in successful business for 10 years. Formally known as Red Earth Holistics – handcrafting natural goodness from her soap shack, she has now rebranded and expanded into a manufacturing plant on Oneida First Nation. Dayna is a Mom of 3 and has many neices and nephews and adopted family she treats as her own. Her passion involves working with oils, herbal blends and formulas to create the next top quality product that is supportive to; natural beauty, woman, men, elders and children all while honoring nature and our wellness.  Truly staying on top of things as a soaping guru in the local industry.Her product is like magic in a bottle! Her loving partner Glen also from Oneida, whom plays an instrumental role in making sure the logistics of the business is running smooth in the manufacturing department, often coming up with innovative ideas for faster and more efficient production. Supporting her at every turn, they do it all together from raising babies, building dreams,  to creating the best in natural body care. Dayna brings her expertise as a holistic therapist, health consultant, spa practitioner, and native herbalist. While Glen adds on years of experience in the wellness field, as both teacher, councilor and student. His respect for traditional knowlege, natural medicines and dedication to the red road, truly show up in the business model. Supporting Spirit Earth means supporting ethical business. We strive to deliver fair prices, while sourcing the best in quality when it comes to ingredients. We work hard to create partnerships with other Indigenous harvestors of natural plant medicines from around the Globe.   Our prices are a direct reflection of integral fairness at every level- from the feild to your home!  Fair trade, Eco Certified and Sustainable certified, Organic certified. 

Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. is a proud supporter of Indigenous language and cultural revitalization initiatives, as well as an advocate for Indigenous resiliency, and earth based education.
Copyright 2014 © Use only what Mother Earth has to offer, your body will thank you!  • Eco-friendly• Gluten free• SLS free• Natural preservative• Biodegradable• No animal testing• Fair trade• Baby safe• First Nations authentically handcrafted.


Dream Catcher Bundle

$95.96 $75.00
Cedar Song Body Lotion
Clear Skin 100 g
Cocoa Shea Lips
Dreamcatcher Body Lotion
Illuminate Facial Cream 100 ml
Illuminate Facial Wash 250 ml
Illuminate Makeup Remover 60 ml
Illuminate Toner 120 ml
Mama Tummy Stick 60 ml
Moon Glo Facial Cream 100 ml
Moonglo Facial Toner 120 ml
Moonglo Facial Wash 250 ml
Ajowan Essential Oil 15 ml
Anise Star Essential Oil 15 ml
Bergamot Essential Oil 15 ml
Blood Orange Essential Oil 15 ml
Cajeput Essential Oil 15 ml
Cardamon Essential Oil 15 ml
Cassia Essential Oil 15 ml
Cedar Leaf Essential Oil 15 ml
Cedarwood Essential Oil 15 ml
Chamomile (Roman) Essential Oil 5 ml
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 15 ml
Citronella Essential Oil 15 ml
Clary Sage Essential Oil 15 ml
Cypress Essential Oil 15 ml
Dill Seed Essential Oil 15 ml
Eucalyptus Essential Oil 15 ML
Fir Balsam Essential Oil 15 ml
Frankincense Essential Oil 15 ml
Geranium Essential Oil 15 ml
Grapefruit Essential Oil 15 ml
Juniper Berry Essential Oil 15 ml
Lavender Essential Oil 15 ml
Lemon Essential Oil 15 ml
Lemongrass Essential Oil 15 ml

Our Customers Love Spirit Earth Holistics

Rebekah Jamieson reviewed Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. — 5 starFebruary 27 · 

I bought some of your Cedar Song deodorant, as well as shampoo and conditioner at a wow last summer. I love them all! The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful and effective with my thick hair, and the makes me happy whenever I use them. Plus, they last a really long time. Thank you so much!

Nate Gallagher reviewed Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. — 5 starMarch 28 at 10:18pm · 

Bought a jar of your Thunder Heat at the 46th Mother Earth Pow Wow this past weekend in Ann Arbor. My fiancé has Fibromyalgia, and I rub her down every night. She goes to work refreshed and not in so much pain. I rub it on my chest every night to help me sleep. Thanks for creating this amazing balm.

Trista Marie Ferrell reviewed Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. — 5 starJuly 3, 2017 · 

Was lucky enough to be a vendor next to Spirit Earth Holistics this weekend at the Muncee powwow, a small company who just opened this weekend in Onedia. Everyone knows sweetgrass is my absolute FAVOURITE smell EVER..So when I seen they had sweetgrass shampoo and conditioner, I had to try it! I loved it so much, I bought another set, so now I have two sets. I also bought their dreamcatcher shampoo and conditioner! All natural and smells absolutely incredible! I will definitely be purchasing again! Incredibly pleased with their products!

Howard Smith reviewed Spirit Earth Holistics Inc. — 5 starAugust 9, 2016 · 

Just got a handful of your products in Whitby this weekend and wanted to let you know how impressed I was. I got them for my wife. Usually I could not care less what I am washing my hair with, but I really loved your cedar song shampoo. Your bar soaps were also great. Our whole family is fighting over which bathroom the products go in so you'll be seeing us soon at your store. Thanks and good luck with your business. With products like your shampoos I expect to see them on a lot more shelves soon! Take care.

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